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Borussia Dortmund will play waiting game to get ‘full value’ for Jadon Sancho

In the days when it was blue skies and everything nice before the pandemic cast its ominous dark shadow over the world, it was expected that Jadon Sancho would be one of the prime movers in the summer with practically all the big clubs across Europe interested in his slick moves.

All it took was one sardonic twist to the script and in an instant the whole scenario morphed to one of foreboding gloom with possibly not even one of those teams now being realistically able to afford what Borussia Dortmund would want before relinquishing their hold on the prolific goal-scoring 21-year old without compromising on the fees that Sancho would’ve commanded in the market.

The belief is prevalent that fees and wages are expected to drop by as much as 50 per cent when the summer window opens due to the adverse economic impact of the coronavirus leading to the inadvertent shutdown of football and the economy.

The vicissitudes caused by those fluctuating conditions have caused BVB into a decision to wait until the transfer market stabilizes again before letting the 20-year-old go, according to the Telegraph.

Sancho’s current contract expires in 2022 and will therefore have just one year left on it come next summer. This would explain why Borussia Dortmund are are in rush to expedite his release but instead are understandably desperate to extend his contract with a hefty pay rise dangled as a juicy, tempting carrot.

Manchester United were leading the pack of hopefuls on the prowl for the former Manchester City prospect until a few weeks ago. However, even the supposedly financially-secure United appears to have dropped out of the chase, and with Chelsea probably also left with no alternative but to be frugal in the market as well, it appears that Sancho will most likely have to stay in Germany for just a while longer.