Summer Vacations? Places Where Top Players Visit

For most people in Europe, summer vacations are usually the longest vacations during the year.
However, for football players, that is a little different.

Summer vacation time may only last a few days and depends on the transfer market, club schedule, and other factors.

Today we will introduce you the best places where top players like to rest and relax during their few days off.

Credit: Getty Images

Lionel Messi
Place: Ibiza (Spain)

Lot of players like to go to Ibiza to enjoy their vacations.
Messi, who likes this island so much, decided to build and hotel there to relax and call his friends.
The hotel has more than 50 rooms, a private pool, and an exclusive lounge.
It is incredibly difficult for the average person to reserve a room there because of the extremely high price – 700 dollars for one night.

Credit: Getty Images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Place: Cannes (France)

Ibrahimovic is a lover of the sea but he also likes cities with good architecture. Cannes was the best place to combine his prefrenaces.

Zlatan and his family rented a yacht to relax and enjoy their vacation. Some people saw Zlatan also dive from the yacht into the water.

Cannes is famous for hosting the biggest Film Festival in the world. Search around for Ibrahimovic, and there is also the possibility you meet some Hollywood stars.

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