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‘I’m NOT happy’ – Romelu Lukaku in explosive interview pointing finger at Tuchel

The Chelsea lynchpin that-was-supposed-to-have-been upon his return from Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku, has openly declared he’s NOT happy with his current situation at Chelsea, against all expectations, and has even attributed one of the main reasons for his discontent being due to German gaffer Thomas Tuchel having opted to play a system that doesn’t suit his style of play.

The Belgian striker that had the attention of the entire Serie A fixated on him last season has yet to find his feet since completing a £97.5million return to Stamford Bridge in the summer, scoring a measly five Premier League goals this season.

His campaign has been stuttering and far from his expected best to date, due in part also to injury and an infortunate bout of coronavirus to boot. More importantly, his latest comments indicate quite plainly that he certainlyhas issues with his boss, Tuchel.

“Physically I am fine. But I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea,” the striker told Sky in Italy.

“Tuchel has chosen to play with another system – I won’t give up, I’ll be professional. I am not happy with the situation but I am professional – and I can’t give up now.”

The 28-year-old former Serie A shining star also spoke of his regret at the way he left former club Inter Milan and was unabashed in vowing to go back to the San Siro, emphasising that he plans to return within an earlier time frame than expected when he’s still got lots to offer as a player.

“It wasn’t meant to happen like that,” he added: “The way I left Inter, the way I communicated with the fans, this annoys me, because this might not be the right time to say it, but back then it didn’t feel like the right moment either.

“Now I think it’s right to speak, because I said that I will always have Inter in my heart and I genuinely hope to one day go back to play there. I am in love with Italy, this is the time to let people know what really happened, without bad-mouthing anyone, because that’s not my style.”

He continued: “I want to apologise to Inter fans, because I think the way I left should’ve been done differently. I should’ve spoken to you first, because the things you did for me, for my family, my mother, my son, those will stay with me for the rest of my life.

“I really, genuinely from the bottom of my heart hope to come back to Inter, not at the end of my career, but while I am still at the level to win more trophies.”