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[VIDEO] Get to know Malaysian footballers through Tribes!

Football Tribe introduces the Tribes, a brand new football show that exposes the lifestyle and personality of Malaysian footballers, brought to you by Perodua.

Fans only know footballers when they are playing on the pitch, but Tribes will show how they live their life off the pitch.

Players will spend their time with two hosts, Ruth and Ash Hashim, and they will participate in various sports activities besides football.

Since they play football every day, Tribes are giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents in other sports.

Episode 1 features Malaysian football legend, Safee Sali who plays footgolf, a sport that use the same rules as golf, but using football on the golf course.

In truth, footballers always in the pressure of playing at their best in every game.

However, Tribes wants to show how footballers cope with pressure and live their life, something fans have never seen before.

Which players will be featured in Episode 2? Recently, he is in the national team and has just played in the AFC Champions League match.

Are you excited for more? Stay tuned for Tribes Episode 2 this week!