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Barcelona fans will love the Neymar-Messi gossip stirring up again

Speculation has been rife about Lionel Messi’s future, which is to be expected, with most reports based on the assumption that he would finally leave Barcelona and make a beeline either for the Ligue 1 side or the Premier League to reunite with old friends.

However plenty can change in a few short months, with now probably a new familiar president with savvy, a proven track record and gumption helpting to tip the scales back in favor of Barcelona for the talisman. Additionally, it’s also likely that the new coach after Setien did pull a few rabbits out of his manager’s bag of tricks to turn things around on the pitch for the Blaugrana, putting a flutter of hope into the hearts of the Cules and one Lionel Messi.

They still have a real chance of winning La Liga and are also revisiting a situation where young players are being promoted to the first team and making a visible difference, so the future indeed looks hopeful again.

If for any reasons the Barca talisman would be leaving Camp Nou to head to PSG, it would be because of their financial backing and the presence of Neymar, but the latest update now forebodes something very different, suggesting that Neymar is now holding off from signing a new contract because he has a feeling that Messi won’t be joining him in France, while the situation could get even more interesting as his deal is up in 2022.

That means this summer is their last chance to sell the Brazilian for a large fee if the extension isn’t agreed on, and that could even open up the prospect of a reunion at the Nou Camp for Messi and Neymar.

Nothing has been confirmed at this point as yet, but suddenly the feeling is that Messi won’t go anywhere after all.