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Why Florentino Perez’s outbursts at Real Madrid shouldn’t surprise anybody at all

Some things just don’t change no matter how hard one can hope for them to.

The release of earlier audio recordings of long-incumbent Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, casting vitriolic aspersions on former personalities of the club shouldn’t really come as any surprise to anybody by now – or at least for those who know the man better.

After all, one only needs to look at the way in which Cristiano Ronaldo, Los Blancos’ greatest ever goalscorer, and Iker Casillas, their greatest ever keeper, were treated the very minute they had decided to move on to new pastures after having most honorably served the club.

Although there are some who would gamely argue that Ronaldo’s penchant for histrionics and the theatrical both on and off the pitch means that he often deserves to reap what he sows, that’s not the point under debate now.

In short – you just don’t treacherously slag people that have helped restore you to the status of the biggest club in the world like the way the president had done.

There’s a popular saying in Spain that you leave a club through the front door or the back. Casillas’ departure was cold and callous in its execution, whichever way one chooses to look at it in retrospect.

The celebrated, talismanic keeper deserved to leave with his head held high but was instead put through a painful press conference with no other representation, and was then ungraciously ushered away without a second thought.

There are no gray areas here. Florentino rules with an iron fist. Always has and always will. Whatever he says, goes. Period. After all, that’s what tyranny is all about, plain and simple.

He wields such power after having ruled from that seat for so long unchallenged, and is so maniacal in his obsessions and views that even the press wouldn’t dare dream of challenging him.

And now discovering more truths and revelations about what he thinks about certain players and managers – even the ones who played dominant roles in elevating the club – is just more confirmation of how mean and delusional he is.