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Nelson Semedo says Messi doesn’t practice free-kicks at all

This is certainly an eye-opener, something to again enthrall Messi fans the world over.

In an interview with the Telegraph, former Barcelona defender Nelson Semedo said that Lionel Messi didn’t practice free-kicks at all in training. Semedo currently plays for Wolves in England but had plenty of opportunities to get up close to Messi in his time at Barca.

“Wow. I really don’t have many words that can describe how good he is. “You know what makes him even more amazing? I never once saw him take a free-kick in training, in all of the time I was there. I swear he never did! “We always used to practice shooting from distance but Messi never took a free-kick. For him, it was just natural. “They say practice makes perfect – with him it was no practice and it was still perfect!”

This is something totally impractical, insanely insensible but yet makes absolute sense if you’re Lionel Messi. Even the great Tiger Woods put in tons of practice into his putting to make that magnificent touch look effortless.

Messi is probably the only player in the world who can do what he does best and yet make it look so easy.

What a class act.