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Mourinho says Spurs player will start tonight having improved loads in training

Jose Mourinho has informed Football London that Welsh national Gareth Bale will be starting for Tottenham Hotspur against Antwerp this evening after having improved loads in training.

Bale arrival at Tottenham in the summer has so far not had any major impact at the club, having made just two appearances for Tottenham since returning, and was even benched dfor the full 90 minutes as they were chasing a goal against Burnley on Monday evening.

However, Mourinho is confident that the Welshman is starting to get up to speed now and has suggested that Bale will be unleashed later as he has looked really sharp in training.

“Bale is playing. We all have, not just the feeling, but also the data that Bale is arriving,” Mourinho said.

“He is working very hard. He is being quite a great example for everybody. A big guy like him, travelled to Burnley, stayed on the bench for 90 minutes, didn’t play one minute.

“His behaviour as a team guy is incredible. His behaviour as a Tottenham man is remarkable and he is coming.

“I can see just with my eyes but then the scientific data is also coming and he is working very, very well. He is improving, he is improving a lot and I think tomorrow we can see Gareth at a good level and hopefully he can fly because he is working very hard.”

Mourinho’s words will no doubt bring excitement and encouragement to Spurs fans, as the prospect of seeing a fully fit Bale back in their line-up is definitely a tantalising one.

If Bale can prove his fitness this evening, then he could well begin to force his way back into Tottenham’s preferred line-up.

Spurs have been in wonderful attacking form since the start of the season, but there is a feeling that Bale’s inclusion will make them an even more dangerous threat.