Kyle Walker watches strippers on Insta

Kyle Walker is a man on a mission of self-destruction.

The Man City and England full-back first broke quarantine rules by partying with two hookers/prostitutes at his flat. He piad over 2000 pounds for the girls and later shamelessly the next day went on social media asking followers to follow quarantine rules.

After that, and an apology that didn’t seem too sincere, he was scolded by the cops for breaking social distancing norms to chat with his Cheshire neighbour, none other than bad boy Wayne Rooney, during a stroll in the neighbourhood.

But this weekend Walker took things to new depths.

Stuck inside at home, the £50million star joined rapper Tory Lanez’s Instagram Live feed which featured a London based stripper during a five-hour broadcast for over 220,000 followers.

The controversial Canadian rap artist wore a hat and gold chain and held a cigar and microphone as he urged on the woman, named Zia.

As she took off her top and started twerking, Lanez, 27, roared: “You got all the stars on here! Let’s rip it for all the stars in the building, let’s gooooo!”

Hip hop performer Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, told Zia to “bend down” and act sexy.

Walker was watching closely, and adding “hysterically laughing” emoji to the scrolling comments when the stripper did her act.

No wonder the England Manager Gareth Southgate is apparently seething with anger. Man City has announced an internal disciplinary enquiry following the earlier incident when prostitutes visited the divorced Walker’s home. Sadly this comes at the same time when manager Pep Guardiola has lost his mother to coronavirus.

Advice to Walker: you need to grovel and apologise and behave, or your England career could be in jeopardy. He has already lost the respect of many fans who criticised him on social media, and should not be a role model for young kids growing up.