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Rio Ferdinand on Ronaldo and Nani’s positive vibes on Man Utd newbie Bruno Fernandes

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has already gotten the positive feedback on Manchester United’s new transfer signing, Bruno Fernandes, after having spoken to two highly credible Portuguese former team-mates. 

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani are exuberantly enthusiastic about what Bruno Fernandes would be bringing to Old Trafford. They are fully confident that their ex compatriot who has just signed a five-and-a-half year deal will be instrumental in bringing big changes to the United team on the pitch. 

Ferdinand optimistically told FIVE:

“I’ve spoken to a few of his teammates at national level and club level. Nani, my old teammate, says he’s a fantastic player, says he’s perfect for England. Says he’s got all the tools, all the right attributes.” 

“Cristiano said he’s fantastic, creates chances for him [for Portugal]. He can manipulate the ball, take the ball, confident. 

“This is the type of things that you want to hear when Manchester United are signing a player. So fans, based on what I’ve heard about him and what I’ve seen, I’m hopeful and confident that this guy can go out there and do the job.”

United have at times been seen under the radar this season struggling to whittle down teams who play deep in defence to frustrate the Red Devils at Old Trafford when they are resurgent in counter-attack, something that even Jurgen Klopp had earlier observed. This is strategically where Ferdinand believes Bruno Fernandes can be the pivotal key to help unlock such stubborn defences and break down the opposition to engineer creative opportunities for scoring. 

Metro quoted Ferdinand as saying:

“He’s a player who knows how to create chances.”

“Man United have not found it difficult when they’ve had to counter-attack teams, when teams have come on to them and they’ve had a little bit less possession they’ve been able to counter-attack with the speed and pace they’ve got up front. But where they’ve found it hard and difficult is when they’ve played against teams who sit there and wait, especially at Old Trafford.” 

“[Teams] who wait to be beaten, who play tight lines between their players, they’ve found it difficult when there isn’t space in behind for those road runners to run on to. But this is where someone like Bruno Fernandes can come in and play a pivotal role for Manchester United.” 

“He’s a certain person who can look for that bit of imagination, that creativity, that patience around the box, that ability to hit the ball from the edge of the box and score a screamer.” 

“This is what Manchester United have been missing, especially with Paul Pogba out.”

Big things are obviously expected of the midfielder, whom the former legendary Manchester United defender believes can positively impact United’s goal-scoring chances. 

Heck, it’s definitely high time to finally, and hopefully, unscramble the United scraggly midfield situation and long-suffering Paul Pogba deadlock. Bruno Fernandes could well be the sunshine boy that all and sundry at Old Trafford are banking on to help bring out once again the bright, glorious rays that have long been missing in the skies above Old Trafford.