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Pochettino ‘angry and disappointed’ by Chelsea capitulation

An ostensibly furious Mauricio Pochettino was understandably “angry and disappointed” after watching his Chelsea team torn to shreds in their 4-1 Premier League defeat at Newcastle.

The Argentinian was left incensed by his side’s second-half melt-down at St James’ Park, with full-back Reece James being, all of which only served to painfully erase the memories of their revitalised displays against Tottenham and Manchester City before the international break disrupted their momentum.

Pochettino – who was compelled to watch the game from the directors’ box as he served a touchline ban – was clearly upset by the proceedings and said: “We didn’t prepare ourselves in the best way to compete today, that is my concern.

“We thought that we were ready to compete today, but we didn’t in the way that the competition demands.

“Even if Newcastle weren’t great, it was an easy win to prepare for the Champions League today. We had to come here, Chelsea, to show that it’s going to be difficult for them to play, to win the game and to beat us.

“But it was really easy in the way that we conceded and the way that we were so soft in every single challenge. We didn’t show that we were playing for something important.

“That’s what makes me angry and disappointed. We talk about that we are a young team and we have to learn, but I think these type of games make me very, very, very, very, very angry because it’s about showing your personality and character.

“Okay, we are young as a team, but we cannot lose this type of opportunity to show our best.”

Magpies boss Eddie Howe was absolutely delighted with the his players’ resilience that rose in the face of adversity. The injury-ravaged Magpies will now be preparing for Tuesday night’s Champions League trip to Paris St Germain.

Howe said: “It’s such an important win for us with the position we’re in, the stretched resources that we have.

“To be able to come together and give a performance like that speaks volumes for the character of the players we have, the leaders we have in the group and our ability to just focus on the present, on what’s happening right now.

“You look at the players who were missing and that was a giant performance from the players we have fit.”