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Cristiano Ronaldo clarifies why he’s clashed with teammates in Man Utd dressing room

Manchester United are currently embroiled in a state of turbulence with interim boss Ralf Rangnick being pushed back against the wall to unite the dressing room and improve results on the pitch.

And self-proclaimed savior Ronaldo claims one of the biggest problems he, the German coach and the other experienced players in the dressing room are facing is the fact that the youngsters apparentlyjust turn a deaf ear to their advice.

Ronaldo’s second stint at Old Trafford after he returned to United in the summer with five Ballons d’Or to his name and a cabinet full of trophies has been a bit of a snakes and ladders experience for the much-decorated striker. In his first spell at Manchester United, he was then still very much an initiate learning the tools of his trade and claims he was open to advice from the more experienced heads in the dressing room.

However, he says this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore, and Ronaldo believes this has developed into a huge challenge at United.

“The mature players, the older players, can always help the younger players,” Ronaldo told Sky Sports. “But I can give you an example if I give you advice, even if you are younger than me, but if that’s not in your plan during your daily life then it will be difficult. You can speak all day with that person, but if it’s not coming from inside of you then it is impossible.

“I can remember when I was 18, 19, 20, some older players spoke to me but I put that as ‘Cristiano, you have to improve, they know more than you, they are more experienced than you, they passed through many bad moments’.

“But the other people do not accept that if you criticise them – I don’t say this generation of our players but in general, I have kids, I know. Sometimes if you be a little bit harder they do the opposite. You have to find the right balance to speak with them.

“But in my opinion, the main point is it should come from inside you. You should be proud of yourself and look in the mirror and say ‘Listen, I give everything’ and I think all of us should do that because new year, we change the page and we have many things to win.

“We have to believe in that, if not, it will be a nightmare.”

Well, to be fair to the young guns, it is very much their prerogative to decide whom it is they want to take advice from. They also have the right to choose whom they wish to have as their role models to help shape their careers in going forward. A chest-thumping, hot air blowing once upon a time world mover doesn’t necessarily cut it anymore these days for many of the more discerning young ‘uns.

And it’s time the Portuguese maestro opens himself up to some needy advice in this area.