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The way Edinson Cavani treated PSG staff says it all

Edinson Cavani joined the ranks of the Red Devils in the summer transfer window after the expiry of his contract at Paris Saint-Germain, his club for the past seven seasons.

Known globally as one of football’s most phenomenal strikers, it appears now that Cavani’s class act is not reserved just for the pitch, but it has come to light that he is in fact a quintessential epitome of true humility and integrity in real life.

During the tenure of his seven years at Paris Saint-Germain, the Uruguayan became closely woven into the fabric of its culture and developed an affinity with everyone at the Parisienne club, not least the people behind the scenes who are often invariably overlooked.

An extract from the Uruguayan’s autobiography, El Matador, by Romain Molina, sheds light on the intimacy Cavani had with the club, providing a precious, warm insight into the kind of person he truly is.

“One day, he did a photo shoot for Hugo Boss, who is a partner of PSG,” the extract reads.

“At the end of the shoot, Cavani asks for the reference of a costume he likes. The photographer tells him he can take it, a brand manager confirms it.

“But Cavani refuses, explaining that he earns a lot of money and that he does not need to be given a gift. He just wanted to know the reference to buy the same one.

“He took two and at Hugo Boss, it was the first time we saw a PSG player do that. It’s a little trick. But there is only Cavani who does that.

“He used to often go and eat with club employees and not the ‘stars’. He used to always talk with the cleaning ladies, with the housekeepers.

“Do you realize that Cavani spent a month in his hometown in Salto while on vacation? In the middle of winter there! It was 7 degrees and he got there by regional bus.

“Six hour drive! When you earn €16million per year, it is not common.”

These are only a few excerpts dovetailing the humility and integrity of character of Cavani as a man and not just the footballer extraordinaire. Here’s a role model definitely fit for others to pattern their behavior on off the pitch.

No airs of self delusion or self-aggrandisement. No hype. No basking as an arrogant celebrity in the spotlight of fame and wealth.

Only true humility and a heart to care for those who tread the common pathways of life.