Big Chance for Kubo!! Federico Valverde Takes Spanish Nationality

According to the Spanish daily sports newspaper “Marca”, Real Madrid’s 21-year-old Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde took Spain nationality.

This year’s Liga Espaniola opens on August 17th and there are a lot of rumors on how Kubo Takefusa can participate to it despite he’s part of team B.

With Federico Valverde taking Spain nationality, one slot for foreign players outside EU (European Union) will be free. Spanish clubs are limited in the number of non-EU players that they can have in their team and are only allowed to register three in the matchday squad.

This move could open up a pathway for Kubo to be fast-tracked to the firstt eam.

However, according to the newspapers, the probability remains low, as there are other non-EU players in the Real Madrid academy who are vying for a spot in the first team.

The newly freed slot for foreign players outside EU will be probably be used to promotes Kubo teammate at Real Madrid B, Rodrigo Antonio Rodrigues.

The newspaper said that Kubo must be patient and wait. Anyway, Kubo performance during the pre-season was great and the last decision will be made by coach Zinedine Zidane.

There is still hope that fans may be able to see the Japanese star play at a higher level.