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Komen Keras Shebby Singh Terhadap Pemilihan Darren Lok Dalam Skuad AFF Suzuki 2016


Sejurus selepas tamat perlawanan Malaysia bertemu Myanmar dalam kejohanan AFF Suzuki 2016 semalam, Shebby Singh dalam program bersama Fox Sports telah memberikan komen keras berkenaan beberapa perkara termasuk pemilihan Darren Lok dalam skuad kebangsaan Malaysia.

“When you do a pot-mortem, the first of all you’ve got to start with squad selection and i would say.. i said about this Darren Lok before the tournament, i said this during the tournament and i’m saying it now, after the tournament. You can not play in a ______   . You think you gonna play international football? Do not insult South East Asia.”


“On what basis did he picked Darren Lok? On the basis of 45 minutes in the Premier League? … I mean, it’s a JOKE!”

“..and that is what i’m saying to Ong Kim Swee face that his selection on that one particular player..was a JOKE!”

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