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Oliver Glasner new offensive strategy to usher in Crystal Palace’s new era

Oliver Glasner, the newly-appointed manager of Crystal Palace, is all poised to embark on his journey of instilling an enthusiastic philosophy centred around the joy of scoring goals with the club.

Glasner – who has an impressive track record including a Europa League victory with Eintracht Frankfurt in 2022 – steps into his role with a fresh tactical mindset, with his aggressive approach making a clear line of demarcation from the pragmatic strategy adopted by his predecessor and former England boss, Roy Hodgson.

Glasner’s first address to the fans encapsulated his ethos that is as simple as it is delightfully profound: “The philosophy is easy; it is scoring goals.”

His primary emphasis is on the innate desire for goal-scoring that resonates within every player from the young formative years, a sentiment that resides in the heart of the football community.

Going beyond just attacking football, Glasner’s approach also focuses on rejuvenating the team’s spirit. “The fans want to see us fighting and playing together to score a goal,” he commented, underlining the importance of teamwork and collective effort.

This is a tactical shift going beyond mere strategies, in essence a philosophy deeply-rooted in the joy of football, while promising a more engaging and dynamic style of play at Selhurst Park.

While Glasner’s primary focus never deviates from goal-scoring, he also acknowledges the significance of a well-rounded game plan, as he spoke about considering defensive strategies, whether it involves a high press or a low block, while maintaining that the core of his philosophy lies in scoring goals.

Glasner’s balanced approach indicates his understanding of the game’s intricacies and his ability to adapt as a coach.

Forward-looking with his statements, Glasner expressed confidence in the team’s potential for improvement and success, saying: “It’s not a sprint or a marathon but maybe [a 5k] or something like that.”

This analogy is his reflection on the journey ahead, with an optimism hopefully boding well not just for the team’s performance but also for the individual development of each player.