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Premier League a TV event in June or July with four games a day?

Lo and behold! The remaining matches in the Premier League could reportedly return as a ‘TV event’ in June or July as a result of the coronavirus crisis that has thrown a wicked spanner into the football season turning it helter skelter.

Most league clubs have nine games of the domestic season remaining and with the season indefinitely suspended, clubs are desperate to wrap up the season with no further delays if possible, especially with revenue from pressing broadcasting deals with major international TV stations at stake.

As a result, a Times source in contact with Premier League chairmen optimistically believes that when football returns, it’ll be played solely as an event for TV with the possibility of multiple games a day being played at the Wembley national stadium. Behind closed doors, of course.

“By June or July they will be playing games solely as TV events,” the source told The Times.

“If they have to play four games a day at Wembley to get it done, they will do that.”

As yet, no return date has been confirmed by the Premier League as the United Kingdom is still in a state of lockdown.