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This player lost his mother just before the game. He continues to play football…

We have seen so many times footballers lost their loved ones and had to abandoned the game that they love all their life. Even Luis Enrique took one year to manage Spain again after losing his daughter. But not Jakub Kaminski.

Kaminski is only 18 years old.

The Polish kid is currently plays for Lech Poznan.

He is selected to play against Gornik Zabzre. After the game, he told his teammates his mother passed away just before the game.

His club later allowed him to leave for his hometown Silesia and give him time as long as he need.

He went home right after the match.

“We got sad news about the death of Kuba Kamiński’s mother. Today he went out and gave everything, and he informed the team only after the final whistle” – wrote Lech.

One important question is, how can he play when he’s mind is probably thinking about his mother?

If it’s you, can you handle it? Can you play football knowing in the time that you lost your loved ones?