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[VIDEO] Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool fans not silly to believe on coronavirus rumors

One of the ridiculous rumors circulating these days are the impact of coronavirus might prevent Liverpool from winning the Premier League. To Jurgen Klopp, that is outrageous.

“I don’t think our fans are paranoid. I think people who are not interested in us bring up these stories. I can’t believe Liverpool fans are thinking about it, and I speak to Liverpool fans.

“Anybody wants to ask me about that and how much sense it would make to delete the results of this season and who plays Champions League next year, would be really interesting.

“It’s a nice story, but when I saw it first, I thought wow, somebody thinks something like that? Liverpool fans aren’t silly enough to believe these things.”

Despite suffering the first ever league defeat this season to Watford earlier this week, Klopp said that the result will not swayed him on who will play against Chelsea in the fifth round of FA Cup today.

Klopp will take charge of the team this time, since Liverpool U23 Neil Critchley has now joined Blackpool.

“The Watford defeat has nothing to do with line-up tomorrow night.

“We have no clue what Chelsea are doing, they don’t know what we are doing. We always play with a team which gives us the best chance to reach the next round.”

Asked if there was a loyalty towards some of the younger players who have helped them reach the fifth round, Klopp replied: “It’s not about loyalty, these boys are our boys, if we win the FA Cup in the end they would be involved in all the celebrations.

“From the Shrewsbury team there will be boys in the squad, but if they start we will see. It’s a different situation than the last round.”