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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel paid for housekeeper’s son’s heart surgery and villa

In the high-octane, high-stakes world of football dominated by elitist clubs with their grand ambitions and celebrity players with their adoring legions of fans swooning over their every move on and off the pitch, hardly is news heard of the gallant few who indeed have more than just a caring thought to spare for those much less well-endowed and can barely eke out a meager existence.

Chelsea’s Champions League-winning manager, Thomas Tuchel, has clearly been stellar not only for his work on the pitch but also off it as well as news has just emerged of his acts of compassion and incredible generosity dipping into his own pockets to help his housekeeper and her family in ameliorating their plight.

Tuchel’s good deeds have finally caught up with him, showing him to be every inch as good a human being concerned for the welfare of others as he is a dynamic tactician on the rise as a top-flight manager after paying for his housekeeper’s son to undergo heart surgery, as well as buying her and her family a villa while he was still at Paris Saint-Germain.

The current Chelsea boss, now clearly found out to be a staggeringly generous person, insisted on paying for the child’s heart treatment out of his own pocket upon learning that the housekeeper was working herself into a frenzy and pulling as much overtime as she could to raise funds to pay for her child’s surgery.

The 48-year-old coach spent two years at the helm of French giants PSG, during which time he lived in the Hauts-de-Seine district of France’s capital city. According to a report from Canal Sport, in the immediate aftermath of his switch from Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund to the Parc Des Princes, Tuchel and his wife Sissi hired a Filipino housekeeper.

The Tuchel family soon observed her incredible work ethic with the industrious housekeeper always ensuring she was available around the clock watching over the family and catering to all their every need. Tuchel eventually discovered the reasons behind her willingness to take on the countless hours – to fund a major heart operation for her son. The news touched the then PSG boss as he immediately proceeded to fund the surgery in full, with the boy recovering fully after the operation.

Apparently, that one good deed wasn’t the end of Tuchel’s gesture of true compassion and kindness towards his housekeeper. As his time in the French capital was playing out to its natural end, Tuchel had a discussion one day with the woman over her life-long ambitions – one of which was to buy a house in the Philippines where she could retire and live with her family.

Though Tuchel was subsequently sacked by the Parc des Princes club in the beginning of the 2020/21 season, he kept the conversation with his housekeeper in his heart actually again dug into his wallet once again and paid for her dream house back in the Philippines – a house she now lives in with her family.