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Barcelona board demands €10m return from Neymar after tax miscalculation

Just when everyone thought that the whole Barcelona shebang with Neymar has finallly subsided, the fracas has now taken on a new twist.

According to a recent report from El Mundo, Barcelona’s interim board post-Bartomeu are demanding €10m from the player because they have apparently overpaid him after a bad miscalculation over taxes, as is usually the case, which supposedly resulted in them giving the Brazilian more money than they were originally supposed to.

The club are now in pursuit of the matter and are asking for the money to be returned to their coffers. However, if the two parties don’t come to an agreement, the added ‘bonus‘ may be proclaimed as ‘unjust enrichment‘, which is what happens when one party is enriched at the expense of another in an unjust, and therefore apparently illegal, way.

For now it will be interesting to see how the Brazilian superstar entrenched in the Parisienne side reacts to this latest development especially since the ‘bonus‘ is completely the club’s fault as they were the ones responsible for the supposed slight miscalculation that resulted in them overpaying Neymar in the first place.

Needless to say, this latest turn of events is most likely to widen the rift between Barcelona and their former star after his acrimonious departure from the club since it adds another dispute that could very well be taken to court.

Again another bungle attributable to the gross inefficiency of the previous Barca board under ex ringmaster Bartomeu.