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MFL follows FAM’s pay cut directive if MCO extends beyond April 14 deadline

When the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), the nation’s central body governing the Football League of Malaysia (MFL), announced its intention of imposing a pay cut on its staff across the board depending on the tenure of the currently imposed Movement Control Order (MCO), this was of course viewed as another malignant manifestation caused by the infestation and virulent spread of the COVID-19 viral strain that led to the coronavirus pandemic.

FAM’s chief executive officer, Datuk Ab Ghani Hassan, came to the forefront and explained in a statement that the 10 and 20 per cent pay cut would only be a temporary measure and would only come into effect if the Movement Control (CPP) Order scheduled to end this April 14 is extended beyond its current deadline.

Ghani further elaborated that the decision has to be taken as this would be a prudent and necessary cost savings exercise after management took into serious consideration every aspect of the economy, with the focus especially on the economic impacts of the global pandemic.

“The reduction of salaries for all MFL staff will be implemented starting this April until the CPP is withdrawn and through joint discussions, staff agreed to accept the decision to ensure MFL continues to move forward.

“MFL believes the move is the best in our efforts to continue to look after the welfare of our employees even though it is a difficult task for management.

“Even if this step is taken, it will not affect the operations of the MFL who are always ready to resume the Malaysian League (M League) based on the current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak if the CPP order is revoked by the government,” he said.

For the record, the COVID-19 transmission saw the MFL having to postpone all competitions for the season, including the Super League, Premier League, FA Cup, Malaysia Cup and the Challenge Cup.

In addition, the postponement also included amateur league rivals M3 and M4 League under the supervision of the Malaysian Amateur League (AFL) for the safety and health of all.