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Perez’s obtuse re-enactment of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ and obduracy in not backing down will see Madrid in dire straits next season

The execution of the the supposed grand roll-out of the breakaway European Super League has been anything but flawless and a catastrophic disaster from start to finish, ending with not a bang but a pathetic whimper. And Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, the Machiavellian perpetrator of the entire devious scheme, is most certainly, and undeniably, culpable for major part of the entire debacle.

With Juventus president, Andrea Agnelli, riding shotgun on the same rickety bandwagon, Perez gamely rode roughshod over UEFA in order to try and get the breakaway league off to a magnificent start, but clearly his disastrous, ill-timed and shoddily-planned machinations exploded in his face, not to mention his disastrous attempts at PR resuscitation thereafter that only served to further exacerbate things.

With many of the top-flight European clubs initially invited to join the turkey-shoot now having pulled out, Perez and Agnelli have had little choice other than to suspend the Super League for now due to the unexpected fowl-up (oops!), though the former has steadfastly (obdurately?) doubled down on his original stance and insists that it will go ahead in some shape or form at some stage.

That obtuse attitude has left him at loggerheads with UEFA, with the Daily Telegraph reporting that there could be huge ramifications for Los Blancos next season, as indeed there should be.

That’s because the outlet suggests that Real could be evicted from the Champions League, and are only still in this season’s edition because broadcasters would sue the pants off the governing body if the competition wasn’t completed according to expectations.

It’s a case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” re-enacted all over again.

There’s actually nothing more loathsome and pitiable than someone who can’t admit that they have committed a monumental error. Not an error of judgment – but one of plain, obvious greed.