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Premier League plans to finish the season behind closed doors

Premier League are currently planning to finish the 2019/20 season in July behind closed doors over a month.

In an exclusive report by, all the club wants the season to finish, thus avoiding from losing hundreds of millions worth of revenue.

All clubs are hoping the game returns sooner rather than later but it must be when the fears over coronavirus are gone.

A conference call between the three governing bodies and the government have come to a decision to complete the season in July, with games to take place behind closed doors in approximately a month.

While fixtures are postponed until at least April 30 at the moment, but the expectation is that there will be further postponements.

Replays could be cancelled, or could even scrapping the League Cup and EFL Trophy.

This would also bring up potential problems with players’ contracts and incoming transfers, with the likes of Hakim Ziyech already agreeing to join Chelsea on July 1, while Willian and Pedro are set to be out of contract on that date.

The next Premier League meeting is scheduled to take place on Friday, where clubs could be told about a potential starting date.