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How much is Safawi Rasid worth?

He’s clearly one of the most exciting talents Malaysia has had in a generation.

Safawi gets the fans excited, gets the coaches excited, gets the gossip magazines excited as his love life is a matter of great interest. And he has over 783,000 followers on Instagram who adore him.

The young star has won 8 domestic trophies with Malaysian titans JDT. He is the talent Malaysians love in their national team, and he has scored 10 international goals in 33 appearances. And he only turned 23 years old this month. His best playing years should still lie ahead.

So, how much do you think he is worth?

How much would a club pay to acquire his talent?

We don’t think anyone is seriously going to approach Johor Darul Ta’zim for Safawi, because we know the Southern Tigers loves him and has always shown great faith in him. JDT had the foresight and vision to select him when he was a 19 year old and scoring 3 goals in 35 appearances for Terengganu. As of today, he has scored 40 goals in 90 appearances for JDT, which is a rich haul while being in a team studded with international stars.

But even if no transfer is on the horizon, we would disagree with the value that reputed website Transfer Markt places on him. According to the website that values players, Safawi is valued at RM 1.45 million or Euro 300,000.

It seems far too little for a man of his potential.

We hope in coming years Safawi will continue to shine and prove that he is even more valuable to any club than Transfer Markt says.