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[VIDEO] Bayern Munich players take 20 per cent pay cut to save the club

Bayern Munich players have agreed to take 20 per cent pay cuts to help club survive from the economic impact of the coronavirus, according to Bild.

This come after Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich launched a programme to help fight the virus by donating €1 million.

“Germany is a at a standstill,” the 25-year-olds wrote on their platform, wekickcorona.com.

“As professional footballers we lead a healthy and privileged life. In these difficult times, we feel it is our duty to take responsibility.”

Robert Lewandowski and wife also donated to the charity.

The Bavarian giants have a massive wage bill which reached €336 million (S$525.5 million) last year, almost half of club turnover.

Like all top European leagues, the Bundesliga is losing income from broadcasting, sponsorships and ticket sales during the Covid-19 crisis.