Hanoi FC coach Chu Dinh Nghiem apologizes for sparking mass brawl against Hoang Anh Gia Lai

Hanoi FC coach Chu Dinh Nghiem apologizes for sparking a mass brawl during the 2-2 draw to Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) at the first leg of Vietnam National Cup quarter-final on Friday.

A massive brawl between two V-League 1 teams exploded on the field when Hanoi FC captain Nguyen Thanh Luong was booked with a straight red card for the furious reaction to the decision of referee Ngo Duy Lan.

After that, Hanoi FC coach Chu Dinh Nghiem was sent to stands for invading the pitch to oppose the controversial sending off of his player.

Following the final whistle of the match, Hanoi FC striker Ganiyu Bolayi Oseni was clashing with officials and players of HAGL. The brawl ended up with supporters from both sides throwing water bottles into the pitch.

On Sunday, Hanoi FC coach Chu Dinh Nghiem apologized for his team’s part in the ugly scenes at Pleiku Stadium.

“The match against HAGL is really good and dedicated. However, my reaction as the Hanoi FC head coach was inappropriate,” Nghiem said, as quoted by Bongdaplus.

“We are always making greatest efforts to play the beautiful football, but our image in the HAGL match was damaged. I take full responsibility and apologize to the supporters for damaging our brand. In the home game, we will try our best to live up to the expectation of our supporters.

“The ugly scene in this match was initiated from the decisions of the referee. He gave many unfair decisions to our side, and it led to my uncontrolled reaction.”