K League 1 Recap: Is one point enough?

1. The Most Exciting Match

Sometimes a draw can be very dramatic. The match between Jeonnam Dragons and Incheon United was among them.

There were a total of 31 attempts made by both teams throughout the match. The opener was scored by Incheon’s Stefan Mugosa who dribbled through defenders on 9 minutes.

Jeonnam seized an opportunity to clinch an equaliser as they earned a free kick chance. Kim Young-uk’s shot that was blocked by Jeonnam’s defenders led to Wanderson Carvalho de Oliveira’s attempt. Bounced off by Park Jong-jin, the ball found the net in the 31st minute.

Ten minutes after the second half started, Jeonnam’s Han Chan-hee got sent off for committing a foul. Incheon dominated the field with their superiority in numbers, but Jang Dae-hee was solid. Mugosa once again came forward and scored the header on 91 minutes. Incheon fans rejoiced the victory that could happen.

Choi Jae-hyun did not let it happen as he managed to even the score in the stoppage time. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Incheon recorded 16 attempts with 10 on target, while Jeonnam did 15 attempts with nine on target. Also two goals in the stoppage time, including one on 96 minutes, were good enough to thrill fans. It was indeed the best match in the fifth round.