K League 1 Recap: Jinx after jinx

Written by Jeongho Seo of Football Tribe Korea

K League 1 resumed. While Pohang Steelers and Incheon United managed to break their patterns, Jeju United could not avoid Suwon jinx again.

Donghaean derby Stand’s for a fierce rivalry between Pohang Steelers and Ulsan Hyundai that are based close to the East Coast parts of Korea, called Donghaean, in Gyeongsang Province. Ulsan had recorded four victories and five matches in the past ten matches. Pohang’s only victory over Ulsan was two years ago.

Pohang’s Ulsan jinx took no place this time, however. Pohang dominated the game with ten attempts on shots, five more than the opponent, and found the net twice. With this, Ulsan had fallen into a slump of four consecutive losses.

Incheon managed to get out of Seoul jinx as well. After having had no victory at Seoul World Cup Stadium in the past seven matches, not many have expected the visitor to win a point, especially after Evandro Silva do Nascimento scored an opener on 55 minutes. However, Incheon had “Si-woo time.”

Si-woo time stands for stoppage time, named after Song Si-woo who has often scored during extra time to score the game. Song Si-woo again put his name on the scoreboard in the 91st minute.

Meanwhile, Jeju’s Suwon jinx hasn’t ended. In their 79 games, Jeju has drawn 17 times and lost 41 times, including six losses in the past ten games against Suwon. This game went differently as Jeju recorded eight attempts on target , while one only came from Seo Jong-won’s side.

However, Suwon’s Dejan converted this one opportunity and helped the team win three points, but Jeju suffered from poor finishing.