Former Barcelona trialist Daniel Prochazka could join a V.League club – Reports

Czech forward Daniel Prochazka has been rumored to join a V-League club next season, according to reports from Vietnam.

Vietnamese news outlet The Thao & Van Hoa claimed that Prochazka was in Vietnam, which sparked the speculation that the Czech player with Vietnamese origin would join a V.League site.

Born to a Czech mother and a Vietnamese father, Prochazka began his career in the youth system of the prestigious FK Teplice.

In early 2013, he won a short-period trial in Spanish La Liga giants Barcelona along with other two young Czech players.

In Barcelona, despite not qualifying for the final round, Prochazka had precious experience of training with world class players such as Andres Iniesta.

The 22-year-old has reportedly wanted to change his nationality from Czech to Vietnamese, which enables him to be classified as a naturalized player, rather than one of the foreign quota.