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David Moyes arrogant with nonchalant reaction to early season defeats

Disappointed West Ham fans are furious with David Moyes for his apparent arrogance after his nonchalant reaction to West Ham’s early season defeats and believe he should get the stick for his attitude.

The Hammers are currently in a dark place at the moment and are sitting just outside the relegation zone due to a superior goal difference to those below them.

All of this comes in the wake of a summer transfer window with David Moyes spending a whopping £170 million which his detractors find unacceptable as the Hammers persist in their entranced sleepwalking to a horrifyingly disastrous campaign this season.

What adds to the angst of the fans is that it appears as though the Scot is blind to the deep rot that has set in at the club while he is continually beating the drum at the start of the new season that all eight new signings needed time to gel together after his big summer spending extravaganza.

Among the criticisms leveled at Moyes are that if he had the presence of mind to add one or two more players to his ranks both in the summer of 2021 and January 2022 then this would have obviated the need to sign so many players in the recent summer transfer window, besides his galling arrogance and nonchalance despite the early season defeats and appalling form.

It looked as if the gaffer clearly didn’t believe that his team could ever be so close to the bottom of the table after 18 Premier League games, having clearly rested on his laurels and complacency set in, with that attitude has also filtering down to the players.

Each time the Hammers lost a game during the first six weeks of the campaign, Moyes kept regurgitating that everything would soon click again, with the words “We’re not far off it” being his constant refrain.

Unfortunately, the hard, bitter truth of the matter is that the Hammers have been like headless horsemen all season long with the players who had performed exceedingly well for the past two years having regressed badly whilst the players he signed failed to impress, mostly attributable to his poor management of them.

The team looked clearly unfit and well off the pace during pre-season.

If change doesn’t come any sooner, relegation seems to be a probability, not even a likelihood.

This is precisely why arrogant David Moyes deserves all the stick that he’s getting at the moment.