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Continued drip feeding reveals more of Real Madrid president’s toxic spew implicating Guti, Figo and even Mesut Ozil and his ex girlfriend

As the drip feeding continues, suggesting an orchestrated campaign by the media sources responsible for the leaks, the revelations are beginning to unveil in greater depth the contempt, and even hatred, Florentino Perez felt even some of the most outstanding football names in Real Madrid history – players, managers and agents alike.

Perez will doubtless be feeling the heat again as more audio conversations have been released with club legends Guti, Luis Figo and Mesut Ozil on the receiving end of his vicious tongue-lashing this time.

Pressure has been piling up on the president over the last few days as leaked audio clips of him eviscerating former players have made their way into the public domain continuously, suggesting the orchestrating of a deliberate campaign to unsettle the Los Blancos president who has long ruled the club with an iron fist.

At the rate the leaked audios are being drip-fed to the public, one has to wonder how long the beleaguered Real Madrid president can survive at the helm of the Santiago Bernabeu outfit.

“He’s [Guti] a moron, his own worst enemy. He’s a mug, like a goat,” he is quoted as saying by MARCA.

“Luis Figo is the one who pisses off the dressing room. He has been a son of a b**ch, like Raul. The two bad eggs were Figo and Raul. The best was Zinedine Zidane, without a doubt.”

Not even the legendary players from the Quinta del Buitre era at the club have escaped a verbal bludgeoning.

“These guys think they can live off Real Madrid until they die,” Perez continued.

“It’s shameful, but that’s how it is. It’s all of them. Buitre, Sanchis, Michel, Martin Vazquez…”

More woe follows for Real Madrid as the new audio leaks reveal Perez also gleefully belittling former Los Blancos midfield star Mesut Ozil over his choice of girlfriend, a Madrid model, upon his arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu.

As if it wasn’t enough for Perez to besmirch the names of Raul, Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho, Guti and Figo, the new leaks that have been detailed by The Madrid Zone Twitter account reveal Perez salaciously commenting (in language too crude and vile to be repeated in this report) on how Ozil dumped his girlfriend once he’d arrived in Madrid and became a hot item with an Italian model who he used to fly to in his private jet.

Apparently, it wasn’t until Mourinho had told the German midfield star that she had been sleeping with all and sundry in both the AC Milan and Inter teams, and the technical staff, that Ozil called that relationship off too.

Suffice it to say that it would clearly be embarrassing for Ozil for such information to make its way into the public domain, but it is also obvious that too many more leaks would be crippling for Perez himself, who has managed to rule through two presidencies with an iron fist to this point.

We can only assume that Florentino won’t stop until he’s nailed the source of the leak.

What happens then is anybody’s guess.