English Bundesliga

Hamburg SV allow fans to use pyrotechnics

For the first time ever, fans of Hamburg SV have been given permission to use pyrotechnics for their home gamea gainst Karlsruher SC in 2.Bundesliga on Saturday.

According to Germany’s football federation (DFB), selected fans will be able to set off 10 smoke bombs behind the goal at the Volksparkstadion, home of Hamburg SV.

DFB also said it would be done under the supervision of a specialist company, with fire extinguishers and buckets of sand available.

“This is a one-off exceptional approval,” said the DFB.


“Such an exemption can only be granted if the liability and responsibility for the controlled use of pyrotechnics is assumed by the organisers themselves.”

However, other clubs could also apply to use pyrotechnics.

Pyrotechnics are currently banned during football game at stadiums around Europe, even though it has been impossible to enforce the ban as German fans treat pyrotechnics as part of their culture.

The move to legalize pyrotechnics is due to the fact that Bundesliga clubs last season suffered from having to pay a combined total of over one million euros in fines for the use of flares, smoke bombs and fireworks.

Hamburg fans inflicted the most in Bundesliga, forcing their club to pay 294,000 euros in fines.