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Should Arsenal approach Carlo Ancelotti?

There couldn’t be a better timing than Napoli sacking Carlo Ancelotti, paving a way to move to a vacant managerial position in Arsenal.

To the excited Arsenal fans, calm down first. Let’s analyse why the Italian was sacked in the first place.


It was such a weird timing for Napoli to do so, since Carlo managed to end a winless run with a 4-0 victory over Genk.

Perhaps, it has something to do with a high-profile dispute against president Aurelio de Laurentiis, who ordered the team a week-long training camp but they all returned home.

Ancelotti didn’t even seem to know the situation when he speak to the press and seem delighted with the win.

Later on the same day, Napoli announced they have decided to part ways with Ancelotti.

Napoli sitting seventh place in Serie A is probably another major factor they decided to move on.

Despite all that, Ancelotti is still regarded as one of the most decorated manager, winning three Champions League with AC Milan and Real Madrid.

He also won league title in four different countries, when he managed Milan, Chelsea, Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich.

He was such a proven manager, too good for Arsenal not to take him on.

Of course, there are certain risks, since Ancelotti tend not to stay in one club for a long time, but if there’s one manager that could revitalize the Gunners, he might be the man for the job.