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Why Barcelona should sign Aaron Mooy

There is nothing more shocking to see Arsenal were completely outclassed by Brighton’s midfielder Aaron Mooy.

During the 2-1 defeat at Emirates, Mooy has the most dribbles, most passes and the most tackles on the pitch.

He even registered three shots and assisted one goal to give Brighton a truly deserved victory.

It’s even more embarrasing that Mooy is an on-loan midfielder from Huddersfield.

The 29-year-old also contributed to the 51 percent possession and with 9 shots on target, more than Arsenal with five.

Even more surprising, he did better than the rest of top Arsenal players who played; Aubameyang, Mesut Ozil and Nicolas Pepe.

Some Arsenal fans also said they have to sign Mooy.

But for that kind of performance, he is better off to Barcelona.

Anyone can treat this as a banter, but Mooy deserves the praise.

Arsenal need to sort themselves, and if they want the league, they need a new manager.