K League 1 PREVIEW: Clash between 2017 season’s champion Jeonbuk and runner-up Jeju

written by Jeong-ho Seo, Football Tribe Korea

The previous season’s league champion Jeonbuk Hyundai and runner-up Jeju United are clashing in the eight round.

Jeju had gone 1-1-2 since the league started, but seem to be coming out of their slump by going undefeated in the past three matches. They did not manage to make it to the tournament in AFC Champions League but can now focus on the league.

Lee Chang-min and Tiago Marques Rezende are leading the team. Two players recorded four goals in three assists together in the three recent games. Lee became the man of the match in two consecutive matches, and Tiago is now well-adjusted to K League.

Jeonbuk got defeated by Incheon United in the second round, but are now back on track, having won in the past seven matches in a row with 17 goals while conceding only one.

It is notable that 17 goals were scored by ten players, making it more difficult for the opponent to defend. Veteran Lee Dong-gook is still as threatening as before, with three goals in three league games.

Last season, Jeju had been atop in the beginning of the season, but could not manage to continue their form. It was in the match between Jeonbuk and Jeju where the 2017 champion clinched their title.