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IN-DEPTH: The problem of Vladimir Vujovic being played by Bhayangkara FC

The problem started back in Liga 1 2017 when Persija Jakarta played against Persib Bandung. That day, Vladimir Vujovic got a red card and made “exaggerated protests”.

According to, Vujovic did not go to the changing room and chose to stay on the bench. Because of that, he got banned for five games and fined 30 million rupiahs by Discipline Committee (Komdis).

Confusingly enough, he could play when his new club, Bhayangkara FC, met Persija Jakarta in the opening match of Go-Jek Liga 1 2018 even though he still has three-match bans to fulfill. The sentence should be applied even when the league is over.

Bhayangkara FC’s defense

Bhayangkara FC, as his new club, said they did not do anything wrong. They do aware that their player got banned by Komdis. Yeyen Tumena, General Manager of Bhayangkara, said that there is a change in Komdis decision because they appealed the sanction.

“The appeal decision is prohibition sentence for Vladov [Vladimir Vujovic’s nickname]. If he violate the rule again within six months from the start of the league, he will be banned for three matches,” claimed Yeyen as quoted by

It is affirmed by Tigorshaloom Boy, Chief Operating Officer of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB). According to him, the Appeals Committee (Komding) has changed the decision about Vlado’s punishment days ago. AKBP Sumardji, Bhayangkara manager, also said that Komding decision was already out last week.

The obscurity of Komding and Komdis

Vlado feels that the punishment was to harsh for him. In his opinion, the red card was not worth five matches ban. He then doubted Komdis’ decision.

“I did not know why I was banned for five matches. Usually, it is only one or two matches and it is applied here in Indonesia too. So why I got banned for five matches?”, Vlado said to Goal.

From Vlado’s statement, we could see the absurdity of Komdis. Vlado was the one who got the punishment, so why he doubted the decision? Was the Komdis does not explain to him about the decision?

Komdis is also an enemy of the clubs, not only the players. It is not only banned the players but also fined the club too. Based on the calculation of Bolalob, the total of the penalty last season reaches 7.5 billion rupiahs. It is a sign that there are still many clubs that could not follow the rules properly.