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Newly promoted Gyeongnam go top

It doesn’t feel like a newly promoted team from the second division. Gyeongnam FC defeated Jeonnam Dragons 3 – 1 away, which is the third victory in a row.

On 17 March, Gyegongnam and Jeonnam Dragons clashsed at Gwangyang Football Stadium. As Negueba and Kim Hyo-gi scored the first two goals for Gyeognam, the visitor captured an advantageous position. Jeonnam’s Lee Kyung-ryul found the net on 57 minutes, but the hope didn’t last long as Malcos Vinicius converted a penalty.

Malcos Vinicius who returned after his suspension indeed shined through with one goal and one assist. In the first round, the Brazilian forward received a red card after scoring a hat-trick against Sangju Sangmu. Having missed one match has not affected his form, however, and he succesfully led another victory for Gyeongnam.

With this, Gyeongnam are now on top of the K League table with nine points earned from three matches since K League 1 started.