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Incheon Utd’s CEO Kang In-deok donates his entire salary to the club’s charity programme

Incheon United’s CEO Kang In-Deok donated 30 million Korean won (~28,000 US dollar) to ‘Blue Heart Race’ campaign.

During his inauguration speech in August 2017, Incheon’s CEO promised “I would use all the salary for Incheon United. I will never use it for my own benefit.” Indeed, 30 million Korean won, the amount he donated, is known to be the total amount of salaries he received since he joined Incheon as CEO.

“Incheon United belongs to citizens in Incheon, and we exist to give joy and happiness to citizens,” said Kang. “I hope to repay people’s love and support for the team by participating in the ‘Blue Heart Race’ campaign.'”

The ‘Blue Heart Race’ campaign is a charity programme run by Incheon United to support multi-cultural families and the disadvantaged.