Police Tero’s general manager: Aung Thu could be the best ASEAN imported player in Thai League

Police Tero’s general manager has anticipated Aung Thu to be the best ASEAN imported player in Thai League.

Aung Thu fired an impressive performance as he scored a brace for Police Tero in the pre-season friendly against Bangkok FC.Thanya last Saturday.

“Aung Thu is greater than our expectation,” Police Tero’s general manager, Thanya Wongnak delightfully said to THSport.

“This is just a pre-season friendly so it is not the principle. The players do not fully regain the fitness.

“What we are surprised is how Michael N’dri played in this game. In last season, he usually tries to collect the ball and play by himself. But with Aung Thu, they played together with the good understanding.”

On the other hand, Thanya believed that Aung Thu would have a chance to play more regularly than his other compatriots.

“Aung Thu can play as attacking midfielder, the position that Police Tero is missing. So he could have the regular chances to play more than other ASEAN players in Thai League.”