M-League official: Malaysian footballers are not keen to play in Thai league

Malaysia sport director Hafizan Halim claimed that the Malaysian footballers were not keen to play in Thailand league because of low salary.

According to MVP Sports Agency Talent Director Hafizan Halim, the salaries offered by Thai clubs was 40 to 50 percent lesser than the amounts earned by local players in the Malaysia football league.

In an interview, Hafizan fired back at the claims that Malaysian players did not meet the standards to play in Thai leagues.

“There have been several offers from Thai clubs for Malaysian players, especially for those who played in the Sea Games, but the offers don’t meet their expectations,” Hafizan said, as quoted by the New Straits Times.

“It’s not a question of Malaysian players being choosy but the thing is they can get much better pay from the local teams.”

“So, I’d like to deny the claims that our players have no quality or are not keen to play outside. They do not want to because of factors such as this.

“I think many people don’t understand this. For example, if you are offered work overseas but at the same time, you are earning more in Malaysia, of course you would choose to stay in your own country.”