Ong Kim Swee: New coach Tan Cheng Hoe needs time to “recover” the team

Malaysia U-23 coach Ong Kim Swee urged local fans to be patient with newly-appointed national team head coach Tan Cheng Hoe.

“This is a good combination as we need each other to produce good talent for present and future,” said Kim Swee, as quoted by The Malay Mail Online.

“Cheng Hoe and I have been friends for more than a decade (12 years to be precise), we have no problems with each other, thus this relationship can help us to embark on new strategic development planning for both Harimau Malaya and the youth.

“However, I need to stress that Cheng Hoe needs time to ‘recover’ the team. In fact, any coach leading Harimau Malaya at this point needs time.”

On Thursday, Cheng Hoe was appointed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) as the national team coach after Portuguese Nelo Vingada stepped down on Wednesday following a string of poor result.