Peter Odemwingie to leave Madura United due to conflict with club’s president

Peter Odemwingie is planning to leave Indonesian outfit Madura United after a disagreement with the club’s president, as reported by the Birmingham Mail.

Odemwingie publicly asked the club president Achsanul Qosasi on Twitter not to misquote him in the press with “things he never said”.

“I have been quoted in the press by officials of Madura United making negative comments about Liga1 and PSSE (the Indonesian Football Association).

“The club shouldn’t use my name to complain about the league operators because we didn’t become champions.”

On the other hand, the striker explained he had been currently in talks to terminate his contract with Madura United.

“I can confirm that me and the club are looking to agree a contract termination,” he said. “It is not correct for the President to give out details of my contract so I will also give one detail so it’s fair.

“They want a clause that I can’t sign for any other team in Indonesia.

“We let the dust settle down and hopefully find a sensible win-win. I hope I will not need to use this medium to clarify again.”

However, the post was deleted by the Nigerian striker.