Tim Cahill determined to earn Australia’s 2018 World Cup spot

Melbourne City forward Tim Cahill has hinted that he will do everything in his power to earn a place in the Australia squad for the 2018World Cup.

The 37-year-old former Everton star started and played for 66 minutes in Socceroos‘ crucial 3-1 play-off wina gainst Honduras at ANZ Stadium Sydney on Wednesday.

Cahill has been left on the bench for the first leg in Honduras due to an ankle injury, but he marked his comeback with a help for Australia to seal their place in Russia next year.

With his eye set on a chance to appear at a fourth consecutive World Cup finals, the veteran forward has hinted that he could leave Melbourne City as he needs to be playing more in order to reach his goal.

“For me to have the chance of being involved in four World Cups needs a bit of thought processing,” Cahill said as it was quoted by The Advertiser.

“I need to play and I need to stay fit. I feel great even though I’ve got an ankle injury and that’s something I’ll look at in the next few weeks.

“I’m always competitive and I’m always looking for the next level, but the most beautiful thing about all this is just qualifying first. We’ve done that, and now I can address the next level,” he added.

“To get to a World Cup you have to be playing at the highest level, so my job was qualifying for the World Cup and my next job is testing myself to see how competitive I can be if I want to get to a World Cup.

“It’s something that I’ll make sure of — either way for me I’m always going to play. If I don’t, I’ll find a way to play.”

Cahill is Australia’s all-time record scorer with 50 international goals.