Sporting Lisbon, Benfica interested in signing Indonesian wonderkid Egy Maulana Vikri – Reports

Indonesian talent Egy Maulana Vikri has been under the radar of two Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon and Benfica, according to reports by CNN Indonesia.

Quoted from the Portuguese media, Sporting has been in talks with Egy’s agent, who is responsible for negotiating a deal for the 17-year-old player in Europe. The club has also reportedly sent a letter to The Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) to ask for a trial for Egy.

“Sporting has expressed a desire to sign the 17-year-old midfielder, who is one of Indonesia’s rising talents,” Portuguese media quoted Sporting.

Sporting’s rivals Benfica are also keen to recruit Egy. The club was rumored to have sent a letter to the PSSI to convince the football body about a trial offer to Egy.

However, Vice Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono, claimed he did not to know the existence of a letter from Benfica related to a trial for Egy Maulana. However, Joko does not deny there are a number of European clubs interested in Egy Maulana.

“I heard there have been European clubs who are interested in Egy Maulana. “said Joko to CNN Indonesia. on Thursday.

“But there is a U-19 Asian Championship that must also be the attention of every player. We do not want to clash PSSI with Benfica. This is not just to Benfica, but to other clubs who are interested in Egy Maulana,” he continued.