Indra Sjafri: Egy should not be forced to play abroad

Indonesian national team coach U-19 Indra Sjafri did not force the 17-year-old wonderkid Egy Maulana Vikri to play abroad.

“As a coach, I think it is important for players to hone their skill, playing outside or within the country is of the same importance,” said Indra, as quoted by Goal Indonesia.

“Because of his (Egy) quality, he won’t be able to make progess if he can’t play competitively. We want him to be competitive. I think we should encourage him to play at a higher level of competition, “said the U-19 coach to CNN Indonesia.

On the other hand, Indra asked Egy Maulana, who is now a new idol in the Indonesia football, not to be lured by the praises from public and media.