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This player survives despite falling from a 200-meter height

Cruzeiro midfielder Henrique has miraculously survived from a 200-metre fall off a cliff in a Land Rover in Brazil.

According to Globo Esporte, based on the information released by police, the accident took place on Friday night.

It appears the Henrique’s car fell from a height of 200m down a cliff inside the Rola Moca State Park in Brumadinho.

The accident took place around 6pm and the player was taken to hospital around four hours later after the Fire Department came to his rescue.

The location of the accident is reportedly difficult to access and is making it tricky to get to the wreckage of the car.

It also states that Henrique was “disoriented and confused” upon being rescued and the player is under observation in a private Belo Horizonte hospital.

However, Cruzeiro manager Leandro Lima said Henrique is well and not suffering from any injury apart from minor abrasions from the staggering fall.