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Barcelona gets slap in the face in Neymar chase


The football world knows that Neymar isn’t happy in France and would love to return to his favoured Barcelona, having tried time and again to engineer an exit from his Parisian club.

But if there’s one team in the world who can’t be coerced into selling someone as valuable, or invaluable, as the French national, then it’s most likely to be PSG.

With the incredibly deep pockets they have in financial backing, it would be well nigh impossible for most clubs in the continent to go head-on against them in a financial shootout. Moreover, it could be embarrassing for them to let their star man go, even if it were to be an incredibly huge offer.

And now it looks like PSG are going all out in a last ditch attempt to try and tie Neymar by upping the ante in style, leaks a report from Sport who has indicated that the French club are prepared to offer him a new contract until at least 2025, which would see the Brazilian earn €38m per season.

It’s likely that the future of Kylian Mbappe will play a huge part in Neymar’s decision as there’s always been a feeling that Neymar just wants to be seen as the main man.

He was in the presence of greatness in Messi’s shadow during his spell in Spain but would have been free to fly his own flag in style with his subsequent move to Paris had it not been for the appearance of a supremely talented young upstart called Kylian Mbappe who has now turned out to be the major rising star in France, so Neymar is again left with no choice but to scan the horizon again looking to move. In Barcelona he was at least fully appreciated by everyone, even and especially by the great man, Messi, himself.

Neymar could be an ideal candidate to eventually succeed Messi at the Nou Camp, but this new irresistible contract ‘crème de la crème’ offer from his current employers could effectively end any hopes of that happening.

Over to you, Neymar!