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Will Borussia Dortmund finally end Bayern domination in Bundesliga?

Borussia Dortmund has been steadily competing for Bundesliga for several years, but always ended up being second best to Bayern Munich in every single season.

Not just that, Bayern won a treble, winning the Bundesliga, Champions League and DFB-Pokal Cup for the second time since 2013.

It is an incredible achievement for the Bavarian, but its one to ponder whether Dortmund can ever achieve that one day.

But Thomas Delaney believes a new crop of talents with a mix of experience players in the team will help Dortmund to win the league and end the Bayern domination once and for all.

“A big respect to Bayern Munich but its always our goal to fight for the championship,” he said during the BVB Black and Yellow Asia Tour.

“They were a good team and they beat Barcelona quite comfortably and its definitely our goal to reach to that level.”

Delaney admitted that, even though he only joined Dortmund in the summer 2018, he believes Dortmund’s quality in the team is not too different from Bayern.

He said, the new emerging talents and a strong bond between the current players in the team will be the difference in the upcoming season.

“In my first season, we were very close but we were also struggling a little bit.

“But we have newcomers coming and another same current players, it should put us in favourite position.”

Dortmund has also been boosted by Jadon Sancho’s decision to remain with the club, despite being an intense transfer speculation with Man United, which is something that delighted Delaney.

“For me and for the club, its very nice for sure Jadon is an amazing player, I don’t think he will missed anything here, he cans till develop his skills and talent and I definitely embraced that decision.”

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia