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Stadium Astro Secures K-League Broadcasting Rights for Malaysia

Malaysian sports media outlet Stadium Astro has confirmed that the company has secured the broadcasting rights to the upcoming 2020 K-League season, which is set to start this Friday.

There is a growing interest from around the world in the K-League, which will be one of the few football competitions in the world currently running due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As a result, a number of broadcasters from around the world, including Europe, has been vying for the broadcasting rights.

In fact, the K-League was one of the first competitions to be postponed back in February as they were hit hard by the coronavirus early on. However, South Korea has since dealt with the situation admirably and have managed to contain the spread, allowing the league to begin behind closed doors.

Stadium Astro’s latest move could cultivate more interest in the K-League from Southeast Asia, and other broadcasters from neighboring nations may follow suit.

The K-League has also explicitly aimed to market themselves to Southeast Asia, having instated an ASEAN quota for this season. However, no clubs are yet to take on the opportunity to sign a player from the region.